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Registration FAQ

During registration you may be asked to submit different types of documentation. Sports Connect, our current registration system, will only retain documents for 6 months before they are automatically deleted. Some of the same documentation may be required every registration period. Save your uploaded files in a spot where they can easily be located so they are readily available at the next registration to speed up the process.

1.  Who can play in Octorara Area Little League?

  • Kids whose primary residence is within our boundary map (found halfway down the page) here. If you're unsure if your address falls within the boundaries by looking at the map, you can use the League Finder here.
  • Kids can play for the league where their school (excludes home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies, or preschool) is located.
  • Kids from divided homes may choose to play in a league in whose boundaries either parent resides.
  • A waiver process exists that allows a player who previously qualified under residency for a league and played in the league to remain in the league after having moved to a new residence or school. If this is your situation, contact the league immediately so we can start the process ahead of the season starting.
  • If you have visited the League Finder and there is no Little League in your area, you might be able to still play for Octorara. If this is your situation, contact the league immediately so we can start the process ahead of the season starting.

2. Why does the League Finder not show baseball being offered in my immediate area? I have family, friends, or neighbor's children that play locally.

  • Over the years our district was home to many more Little League programs. As time has passed, leagues that registered with and offered a Little League program have declined. Those leagues have integrated into other organizations. Those children are likely participating in another organization not associated with Little League.
  • If you live in an area that does not offer an official Little League program, you are welcome to participate in a league that does even if it's not in your immediate area. If this is your situation, and you wish to play for a Little League program, please contact us to discuss.

3.  What if we are on a travel team, can we still play travel and enroll in your Little League?

  • Absolutely!
  • We do not have any restrictions or request a player to pick one option over another. However, whether it's baseball, basketball, football, or any other team sport, signing up to play means making a commitment to a team. Commitment to attend as many practices and games as possible. Inevitably there will be family obligations, sickness, injury, or other circumstances that will require a player to miss a game or practice, and that happens.
  • If a player signs up for Little League and travel and then decides to forgo Little League for travel only, it will be detrimental to the team they were playing for. Teams are formed to maintain balance and competitiveness within and across divisions. A player dropping out would upset that balance and likely put a team at a disadvantage for the remainder of the year.
  • We have a couple of local travel teams that have both players and coaches participating in our little league and for the most part, we have avoided significant conflicts. The Little League schedule is set in March and the travel teams schedule around those dates when possible. Saturdays can be a potential conflict, but Little League typically holds their games in the morning or early afternoon and travel schedules games later in the day.
  • The benefit of us being a smaller little league means we have a smaller community where a lot of us know each other personally. We can't guarantee conflicts won't happen because ultimately we have to prioritize our little league, but we will continue to work together in a way that enables kids to play in multiple leagues if they choose to do so.
  • The key here is constant communication between everyone involved.

4.  What division should I register my player(s) for?

  • Registration for a division is based on the Little League League Age Calculator found here.
  • First-year players between the ages of 4 and 5 should register for T-ball.
  • Evaluations are held that may result in players moving between divisions, both up and down.
  • A change in division will result in either an additional or partial refund of registration fees.

5.  What do registration fees cover?

  • Compared to other leagues in our area, our registration fees are on the lower end, if not the lowest. Our goal is to maintain reasonable registration fees and supplement revenue through sponsorships, fundraising, and concessions.
  • Registration fees fund team charters, insurance, uniforms, umpires, equipment, field maintenance, and utilities to name a few.
  • Little League has a detailed write-up found here.

6.  Is there any assistance available to help with the cost of registration?

  • Yes, there are a couple of different programs available that you may qualify for. Click here for more information.

7.  Can I request my child play up a division?

  • A request may be submitted during registration, but it is not guaranteed it will be honored. You can also request to play down a division.
  • For those players that are returning, having seen them play over a period of time we have a good idea of their ability and what division would benefit them the most. Using that knowledge, combined with the evaluation results, will inform the final decision on their division.
  • Most players will benefit from being in an age-appropriate division with players closer in age rather than playing up and competing against players in an older division. Playing against older kids can have benefits, but can negatively impact the player, resulting in a loss of confidence and desire to play because the player may feel its impossible to hit the pitching or pitchers may find it impossible to get batters out.
  • We cannot gauge the final number of players, teams per division, and available coaches until evaluations are completed. We will take into account the request, while also balancing the need for safety, equal teams, and the right amount of players per division to maintain competitive balance. 

8.  I've registered, but I'm on a wait-list. Why?

  • Anyone registering prior to the initial close of registration will have a roster spot assuming the eligibility requirements noted above are met and there are enough players for the division your player is likely to play in.
  • Once registration closes, you can still sign up (fees should not be charged) but will be placed on a wait-list. We begin reviewing registered players and make preliminary assumptions on the number of teams and players per division prior to evaluations. We may be able to accept more players at this stage.
  • Even if you are on the wait-list you should still plan to attend evaluations.
  • Once evaluations are completed, league officials will meet to finalize the number of teams per division and determine how many more, if any, can come off the wait-list.

9.  Is my child on the same team as last year?

  • No. Players and coaches move between divisions each year which makes it impossible to keep a team together.

10.  Can my child have the same coach as last year?

  • For Minors AA and above divisions, your child must be drafted onto the coach's team.
  • For Minors A and below it will be on a case-by-case basis. Requests can made to [email protected] and should include the justification for the request.

11.  Can I request that my child not have a specific coach?

  • Generally no, but we understand there may be special circumstances to consider.
  • Requests can made to [email protected] and should include the justification for the request.
  • The initial request via email is strictly confidential. Only the president has access to the email. Discussions with other league officials may be necessary, but they will be expected to keep all conversations confidential.
  • However, if the request is approved, and the coach drafts the player, the coach will be asked to select another player, and may become aware of the request.
  • Requests are good for the current season only and must be submitted annually.

12.  Can my child play with their friends?

  • Assume the answer is no. Players are distributed among divisions and teams to ensure competitive, balanced, and even teams.
  • However, for T-Ball and Minors A there is a little more flexibility as compared to other divisions.
  • Minors AA and above divisions your child must be drafted onto a team but there could be special circumstances to consider. 
  • For all requests, send an email to [email protected] with justification for the request. Each request will be evaluated on its own merits and there is no guarantee we can accommodate.
  • Balancing teams is a difficult process and having to consider pairing up non-siblings adds complexity to the process.

13.  While not specific to registering, what if my child is unhappy with their team, can they switch teams?

  • Only in extreme cases will the league allow players to switch teams after the teams have been formed. Requests should be made in writing to the President at [email protected] who will discuss the request with the Player Agent. 
  • Approval will require extenuating circumstances and is unlikely to be approved and the player will remain with their team. Through the draft, team balance has been established and its likely any change could alter a team's entire season, both good or bad.
  • If a change is approved and uniforms have been ordered, we will ask for you to cover the cost of the replacement uniform. Uniform shirts will have the player's last name on the back, so we will not have any extra shirts on hand.

14.  Where can I get details about the season itself?

15.  How can I help?

  • See the volunteer FAQ. We are always in need of volunteers to coach, umpire, help with concessions, fields, etc. Don't think you have the skills? Don't worry, we can connect you with experienced people to get you started. Don't let the fear of the unknown persuade you to not help. 

16.  What if I have more questions? 

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