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What do I need for my child for the season?

The league will supply each child with a jersey and hat. Socks and pants are not provided and must be purchased. Team colors will not be known until the teams have been formed. The coaches then have the discretion to choose what color socks and pants they'd prefer their team to wear. There will be enough time between the formation of the teams and the season starting to purchase socks and pants in the recommended colors. 

It is recommended that each child has their own bat, but is not required. The league will have extras on hand during a practice or game and teammates usually share with each other. Only USA and BBCOR bats (first allowed in Intermediate 50/70) are allowed in addition to all wood bats. Please see the Bat Specification section of our Gameday Rules page

It is not a good idea to buy a bat with the thought that they will "grow into it". Your kid will learn bad habits trying to swing a bat that is too heavy. When in doubt, go with the lighter bat since it is easier to control.. When a heavier bat is used, the player will compensate in order to swing the bat, leading to bad swing mechanics which can be hard for a young player to break. Bad swing mechanics mean fewer balls in play and increased frustration and loss of confidence. 

All players are should have their own helmet but the league will have extras on hand as needed. We are highly recommending that each helmet has a C-Flap that will better protect the players face. You may be able to attach an aftermarket C-Flap, but first check out Modifying Helmets with Additional Attachments from Little League. Generally speaking you cannot mix and match different manufacturers without voiding the NOCSAE certification of that helmet

All players are required to have their own glove and should be a quality leather glove. The cheap vinyl gloves are difficult for the kids to open and close leading to the ball bouncing out of their gloves, making it more difficult to play catch and field fly balls. The glove should be an appropriate size as well. 

It is recommended kids wear cleats (metal cleats only allowed at juniors and seniors) for better traction in the older divisions. In the younger divisions, players sometime wear sneakers instead of purchasing cleats that are only worn a few times a week for a few months before the player outgrows them. 

Protective cup
Little League mandates the wearing of a protective cup (metal, fiber, or plastic type) for all males who are catching. Octorara Area Little League highly recommends that all males wear them from minors and up.

Chest Protector
Although Little League has not mandated chest protectors as of yet, Octorara Area Little League highly recommends, one is worn for all players in the minors division and up. In 2017, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) developed the first standards for chest protectors to protect against commotio cordis (See America Heart Association for more information on commotio cordis). In 2022, USA Lacrosse mandated that all youth lacrosse players wear chest protection.

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