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24-Hour Rule

Octorara Area Little League has adopted the the 24-hour rule. Parents, guardians, and other family members are not allowed to confront a coach, team, player, or board member to discuss any event that may have taken place in practice or a game until after 24 hours have passed from the practice or game has completed. This rule is meant to promote a more respectful and constructive approach to handling issues that may arise.

Here's a breakdown of how the 24-hour rule typically works:

  • Emotional Cooling Off: The 24-hour rule encourages parents to take a step back and allow their emotions to cool off before addressing any concerns or disputes. Sports can be emotionally charged, and parents may react impulsively in the heat of the moment. Waiting for 24 hours can help parents gain perspective and approach the issue more calmly and rationally.

  • Immediate Confrontation: The rule discourages parents from confronting coaches, umpires, other parents, or their child immediately after a game, especially if they are upset or angry. Confrontations in the heat of the moment can escalate tensions and make it more challenging to reach a productive resolution.

  • Effective Communication: The 24-hour rule encourages parents to engage in effective communication with coaches, league officials, or other parents. It promotes a constructive approach to resolving disputes or concerns, which can lead to better outcomes for all parties involved.

  • Resolution and Feedback: After the 24-hour cooling-off period, parents can seek a private and respectful conversation with the relevant parties. This allows them to express their concerns, seek clarification, and work toward a resolution. It's important to approach these conversations with a willingness to listen, collaborate, and find common ground.

  • Support for the Child: The 24-hour rule is ultimately designed to benefit the children. It helps maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere where the focus remains on the child's development, enjoyment, and safety.

  • Promoting Sportsmanship: By following the 24-hour rule, parents can model good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior for their children. This can have a positive impact on the child's own behavior and attitude.

Once 24 hours have passed and you still would like to discuss the event, there are a couple of options. Either reach out to the coach directly or if you are not comfortable doing so, reach out to the league at [email protected]. All emails are kept strictly confidential and will only be shared with other league officials when necessary to perform their role. 

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